marți, 1 septembrie 2009

In parc

Bridge across the pond

Scuar cu flori 5

Even more pretty flowers...

Scuar cu flori 4

More pretty flowers

Scuar cu flori 3

Red and yellow beauty

Scuar cu flori 2

More flowers...

Scuar cu flori 1

Just flowers

vineri, 14 august 2009

Copaci infloriti 2

Pretty little wed buds

Copaci infloriti 1

Pinky and white little flowers

Dunarea albastra

Well, sort of blue

In Herastrau 2

Red little flower up close

In Herastrau 1

Pretty little flowers

Lalea 2

Pink... two lips :D

Lalea 1

Red and yellow tulip... obviously

Ciubotica cucului

AKA Ghilicei


...big old house

Sunset 2

and again... well, sort of...

Sunset 1

Soarele se scufunda in Lacul Morii...

luni, 5 noiembrie 2007